Wall Graphics – When you’re looking for more than a conventional sign.  Wall graphics can compliment, reinforce or be used as an alternative to standard advertising signs at a much lower cost than conventional advertising displays.  Wall graphics are relatively inexpensive compared to standard sign displays and an excellent choice for short term advertising campaigns.  Wall graphics are also great for long term use as well.  From removable and repositionable materials, banner track systems or semi-permanent solutions wall graphics can truly finish off any event or exhibit.  Wall graphic designs can also be used simply as a decorative wall display to create a particular atmosphere.  At Vision we use only the highest quality grade wall graphic film products.

The most commonly asked question we get about wall graphics vinyl film is:

What is the difference between the vinyl film used in wall graphics and the vinyl film used in vehicle graphics?

 • Both wall graphics and vehicle graphics vinyl products are made by the same companies – 3M and Avery Dennison.
 • Both wall graphics and vehicle graphics vinyl products are designed with the same base media, overlaminate and adhesive layer.
 • Both wall graphics and vehicle graphics vinyl products are installed using the same preparation and application methods.
 • Both wall graphics and vehicle graphics vinyl products are designed to be durable and washable.

The only difference between wall graphics and vehicle graphics vinyl is in the different vinyl film product lines.  Some vinyl film products like 3M DI-NOC film are designed specifically with more flexibility for use in curved and angled wall and vehicle surfaces.  This particular 3M vinyl film product is designed for both indoor and outdoor substrate and atmospheric conditions.

So the answer to the question is, wall graphics vinyl film is the exact same product used in vehicle graphics vinyl film with the only differences being in the different vinyl film product lines.  Some product lines are designed specifically for more durability, elasticity and flexibility, but the vinyl film is the same product used in both wall graphics and vehicle graphics.

From an installation standpoint wall graphics are much easier and simpler to install than vehicle graphics.

Vision is a leading provider of vinyl graphic design products in the Washington DC Metro area.  Over 10,000 businesses served in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and West Virginia. VA, DC, MD, WV.

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