Printing FAQ’s

Digital printing is the most cost effective method of printing small individualized print runs.  Conventional printing methods require more initial setup, plates in some cases and other cost factors that make printing small print runs expensive.  If you need a single print of an image, then digital printing is by far the best most cost effective printing method.  For large print runs where the original image is not going to be changed then it is still more economical to use conventional printing methods like gravure, lithography, flexography and letterpress.

Wide Format Printing is also known a Large Format Printing

Wide format printing is the term used for printers that have the capability to print a width between 17” and 100”.  Wide format printers are used to print banners, posters and other signage.  Wide format printing in some cases is more cost effective than screen-printing, which is another available short-run printing method.

All our digital printing is done in-house with our wide format printers. Digital printing up to 1420DPI with all printing sizes available. Pre-approved art carries no set up fee. Digital printing art that requires art design or redesign, software design setup or correction is billed at $50/hr with a minimum $25 setup fee.

Items that we digitally print:

  • Stationery printing
  • Letterhead printing
  • Business cards printing
  • Brochure printing
  • Newsletters printing
  • Announcements printing
  • Mailers printing
  • Flyers printing
  • Banner printing
  • Poster printing
  • Post Cards printing

We also offer conventional printing methods such as screen-printing.  For general printing questions please use our contact form.

For Printing quotes please fill out our Logo Design Quotes form and select the Printed Materials Only option in the form.

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