Channel Letters Signs – Vision is a leading provider of illuminated, non-illuminated and lighted channel letters in the Washington DC Metro area.  Over 10,000 businesses served in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and West Virginia.  Day or night get your advertising message out there with illuminated channel letter signs.

Channel Letters sign installed by Vision

The two most frequently asked questions about illuminated channel letter signs are:

How are channel letter signs illuminated?

Channel letters signs are illuminated by either Neon or LED lighting.

What are the main differences between LED and Neon channel letter lighting?

  • LED and Neon signs cost about the same price.  LED signs are typically slightly less expensive to make.  Usually about 10% cheaper to manufacture.
  • LED Channel letter signs are brighter and have a higher lighting clarity than Neon lit signs. 
  • LED lit signs have a much wider range of flashing lights and animation capabilities. 
  • LED Channel letter sign lighting is more environmentally friendly and cost effective.
  • Around 8 times less electrical energy is needed to light an LED sign.
  • LED lit signs do not leak toxic gases like Neon signs do.
  • LED lit signs require very little maintenance and have a much higher life expectancy then Neon lit signs.
  • Maintenance and/or repair costs for Neon signs are very costly compared to LED.

The one area where Neon lit signs excel over LED signs is that they have a wider range of colors and hues to pick from.

Visit our customs signs gallery to view some of our channel letters signs and other types of signs we design, manufacture and install.

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