Vehicle Graphics – Vision is a leading provider of vehicle graphics in the Washington DC Metro area.  Serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York, NY, PA, DE, NJ.  Professionally designed and installed vehicle graphics using only the highest quality vinyl vehicle graphics materials.  Effective vehicle graphics are designed to get immediate attention and display your message clearly within 2 seconds.  Professional vehicle graphic installation is just as important as the design itself.  At Vision, every aspect of our vehicle graphics projects are done in-house by our professional designers and professional vehicle graphics installers.  Vision is not a vehicle graphics broker – we do not farm out the work.

Vision Sign no longer offers products and services for:  Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York.

Our clients typically experience a minimum of a 20% increase in sales after getting vehicle graphics from Vision.

Vehicle Graphics Design Tips

  • Use only the highest quality vehicle graphics vinyl, ink and wide-format printer for starters.
  • Vehicle graphics should be created as a vector graphic not a raster graphic.
  • Vehicle graphics should be unique and original.  If you’re advertising vehicle graphics clip art, then clip art would be appropriate for that particular design use.
  • Vehicle graphics colors should be bright to neon to attract the most attention.  Too many different colors and too much information is a bad thing.  You typically have only a few seconds to get your message across.
  • Choose a font for your vehicle graphics message that is easy to read.
  • Vehicle graphics are a three-dimensional design not a one-dimensional design.  Vehicle graphic design includes factoring in the contours of the vehicle.
  • Design your vehicle graphics with transitions in mind.  Transitions must meet up perfectly to qualify as a professional vehicle graphics installation.

Vehicle Graphics Installation Tips

  • The most critical vehicle graphic installation step is proper prepping of the vehicle.  Grooves and contours must be completely dirt free.  Any dirt left behind will cause the vinyl adhesive not to adhere properly.
  • Allow 24 hours for the vehicle to completely dry after prepping.
  • A temperature controlled environment is essential for proper vehicle graphics installation.  Vehicle graphics optimum installation temperature is 70 degrees, with a safe temperature range of 60-80 degrees.
  • Use a proper vehicle graphics heat gun.  If you think a hair dryer will work properly, then think again.

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Vehicle Graphics Information

Vehicle Graphics – Take your advertising message to your customers

Vehicle Graphics offer you the flexibility of taking your advertising message wherever you want to take it.  Traditional signs are effective methods of advertising if you are in a high trafficked area where your customers are coming to you. Vision vehicle graphics get attention and deliver your advertising message to any driving location you want.

Vehicle Graphics Myth – Will Vehicle Graphics Damage My Vehicle’s Paint Job?

Vehicle graphics will not damage a factory paint job when you remove the vinyl graphics. If the vehicle has been repainted with a high quality paint job then there will not be any damage to the paint job on vinyl removal. If the vehicle has been repainted with a poor quality paint job then there is a slight chance that the paint job could be damaged on vinyl removal.

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics Actually Protect a Vehicle’s Paint Job

Vehicle graphics protect a vehicle’s paint job against sun damage, minor abrasions and small stone chipping.  The vinyl removal process is also very quick, which makes vehicle graphics a very cost effective method for advertising campaigns that require frequent changes.

OAAA Vehicle Graphics Statistics

In 2009 the Outdoor Advertising Association of America is reporting that vehicle graphics advertising is on the rise, even with increasing fuel prices. Several recent (2009) full consumer research, marketing and vehicle graphics studies can be found on the OAAA Marketing Research page.

Vehicle Graphics Are Cost Effective

The irony during tough economic times for business owners is that they have to increase their advertising efforts.  Finding the most cost effective ways to increase your advertising efforts is essential. Vehicle graphics advertising has proven to be one of the most cost effective maximum exposure methods of advertising. We are very happy to report that our clients are telling us that their Vision vehicle graphics are very effective for them. Vision vehicle graphics pay for themselves very quickly and last for years. Vision vehicle graphics still look great after 5 years on average with proper care and can last even longer with extra care.

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