Light Box Signs – Light up your advertising graphics with low cost low energy light box signs from Vision.  We design, manufacture and install indoor and outdoor LED light boxes, Fluorescent light boxes, Aluminum light boxes, Steel light boxes, PVC light boxes, Plastic light boxes, Metal light boxes.  Over 10,000 local businesses served in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and West Virginia.

Light Box Sign - Standup Display - Promotional Product

Light boxes can come in many different shapes and sizes.  The two standard types of light boxes are standup light box displays (shown above – uses fluorescent bulbs) and standard aluminum case wall mount or counter light boxes (typically use LED lighting).  They can be used for interior or exterior use.  Standard lightboxes are made from aluminum extrusions typically 8” deep for exterior and 6” for interior.  They are illuminated with fluorescent lights and transformers and the faces are plexiglass with either translucent vinyl applied letters or translucent complete coverage with digital graphics.  Non typical light boxes include formed faces which provide stronger durability to high winds.  As well light boxes can be made from routed aluminum faces which are backed up with your choice of plexiglass colors.

LED Light Box features:

  • LED Light Box signs require very little maintenance.
  • LED Light Box signs use the same amount of electricity as a typical house light.
  • The LED replacement bulbs are very inexpensive to replace.
  • Lifespan of 100,000 hours.

In comparison Neon Light Boxes require a lot of maintenance.

  • Require a higher electrical usage.
  • Are very expensive to repair or replace, usually require an electrician.
  • Lifespan of 10,000 to 25,000.

We have standard aluminum case style light boxes as well as stationary standup style light boxes available.  We also design and manufacture custom light boxes if your require a custom designed light box.  For more information on our custom Light Box Displays please contact us.

Visit our customs signs gallery to view the various types of signs we design, manufacture and install.

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Over 10,000 local businesses served in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia, VA, DC, MD, WV.

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