How much do car wraps cost?

The first and most commonly asked question about car wraps is how much do they cost.  We have seen car wraps prices ranging from $440 for do it yourself car wraps to extremely expensive car wraps costing over $18,000.

This 2010 Camaro car wrap was done for for the 2009 Teradata PARTNERS User Group for their Conference & Expo held in Washington, D.C. in October, 2009.  The 2010 Teradata Partners Camaro car wrap incorporates the Teradata Partners signature logo design and was also featured at this years event.

Car Wraps Teradata

Car wraps do it yourself method

Car wraps prices and costs can range significantly depending on a wide variety of factors.  The cheapest way to get car wraps is the do it yourself method.  Unfortunately, with this method you are usually limited to simple repeated designs such as a camouflage car wrap or other simple car wrap designs.  We have seen prices as low as $440 for these premade car wraps templates.  A note of caution here is to make sure that you are paying for high quality 3M vinyl if you choose the do it yourself method.  We are considering designing some premade car wraps templates and designs in the near future for people interested in the do it yourself car wrap method.

Professional car wraps designers and installers method

The 3 primary cost factors when you have a professional car wrap company like Vision Sign design and install your car wraps are:

1.  High Quality Car Wraps Vinyl Material

We use only the highest quality grade 3M vinyl wrap materials for our car wraps.  3M vinyl material costs more than other cheaper vinyl car wraps materials available because of two main factors:  thickness and durability.

2.  Professional Car Wraps Designers

Every Vision car wrap is designed by one of our professional graphic designers and is completely unique.  We create professional, unique and appealing car wraps designs that continue to get proven results.  Ask us for client referrals.

3.  Professional Car Wraps Installers

Our professional car wraps installers have installed 100’s if not 1000’s of car wraps.  Some of those car wraps have been done for very unusual vehicles as you can see in our galleries.  We are looking into designing some do it yourself car wrap templates in the near future and of course including a professional car wrap installation video in the package.  We are always open to any suggestions or ideas.

General Price Range and Cost for a Vision Car Wrap

The general price range for Vision car wraps is between $1500-$5000 for single car wraps depending on several factors, one of which would be whether the wrap is a partial car wrap or a full car wrap.  Other car wrap cost factors involved are design services required and complexity of the wrap installation.  We offer a cost per unit discount for multiple car wraps (2 or more) and fleets of vehicles. To find out if a Vision car wrap will save you money please fill out our vehicle wraps quotes form or call us at 703-707-0858 for a price quote for your specific vehicle(s).  For general car wraps questions please use our contact form.

Free car wraps method

You can get a free car wrap and get paid to drive and advertise them, but of course you would not get to choose an original car wrap design.  This would be more for someone looking for a way to make supplemental income and not for someone looking to advertise their own personal products or services.  Vision is not a paid to drive car wraps advertising company.

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