Architectural Signs – A well designed architectural sign can be a work of art.  Selecting the best architectural signage material for each particular usage is critical.  When we say best we mean most appropriate sign material.  Indoor architectural signs must meet certain regulations, but other than that you have a much wider range of materials to pick from as opposed to outdoor architectural signage.  Outdoor architectural signs must be made with a durable material that is appropriate to the weather conditions for the particular climate that it is in.  Another very important factor is sun light with exterior architectural signs.  Picking a highly reflective or shiny material is fine as long as the light being reflected is not blinding to your clients or customers and making your sign unreadable.  There are many other factors and considerations that go into the planning of both indoor and outdoor architectural signs.

Architectural Sign - Directory Sign by Vision

The term “Architectural sign” is obviously a broad general term used to describe a wide variety of sign types.  Most signs are classified as architectural signs and then you have another confusing issue with the use of the term “ADA sign”.  The term “ADA Sign” is also used to describe any architectural sign used for the purposes of providing directional and functional spaces information.  In other words, ADA signs don’t necessarily have to contain braille and raised characters.  Signs that do not have to comply with the ADA Guidelines are temporary signs, signs used for marketing and advertising purposes and signs containing company logos and names. 

The image above shows an architectural directory sign that we designed and installed for clients.  We design and manufacture architectural signs using a wide variety of signage materials. For more information about architectural signs designed and manufactured by Vision please contact us for more information or a architectural sign quote.

Vision is a leading provider of architectural signs in the Washington DC Metro area.  Over 10,000 businesses served in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and West Virginia.

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